Strella Steal Deals 

*Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling 3 treatments $2500* -or- *25% off Ultherapy® Skin Tightening*

Which one of these Specials is best for me?
  • Both only heat a portion of tissue which is safer and leads to faster healing.
  • Both can treat at multiple skin levels
  • Both have very little downtime-Ulthera® has a potential for bruising, but otherwise no downtime. RF microneedling has about 24-48 hours of slight redness and mild swelling.
  • Both treat all skin types.
  • Both can improve skin laxity, particularly at the jaw line.
  • Both create a controlled injury that leads to tissue contraction, tightening, and improved collagen/elastin formation.
  • Both have an outstanding safety record with minimal side effects.
For the month of May, book a consultation for these amazing deals!

A consultation with a Strella Professional will give you clarity as to which special is best for your individual needs.